Why creating and improving a country’s defence sector is vital for national security

Creating a defence sector that is fit for purpose and protects a nation in an ever-developing world is no mean feat. Covering everything from cyber security and electronics to air, land and sea capabilities, it’s a huge sector made up of a combination of small companies providing specialist support to large multinationals. 

A key element of the sector is companies such as Washington Components that develop and supply parts and components to larger companies. Issues such as the changing economic environment and keeping up-to-date with procurement and new technologies mean we need to create innovative ways of working. CNC machining is at the forefront of our work, helping us to create precision components quickly and on budget.

Our Defence Services

Manufacturing and delivering high-quality components is crucial to ensure the defence sector can fulfil its obligation to protect nations from outside threats. Our CNC machining services include 5-Axis CNC milling which enables us to create bespoke components that meet the needs of an ever-changing sector.

Welded Assemblies

We manufacture assemblies for a range of machines, conveyor systems and other items for the defence sector. Our highly skilled staff and modern equipment enable us to create small and large welded assemblies.

Tactical Hardware

We have the latest machines in our CNC turning services which allows us to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and flexible service. Our newest machine is a Doosan Puma TT2100SYY which has twin spindles, twin turrets and live tooling allowing us to rapidly manufacture complex large batches of small components for tactical hardware.

Specialised Welding

Our onsite responsible welding coordinator is qualified to CSWIP 3.2 Level 3 and ensures that all welding is controlled to conform to your exact specifications. We also work closely with local suppliers so that we can provide independent NDT solutions.

Products That We Make For The Defence Sector


  • Naval Hardware (Skid Frames, Pressure Control Units, Hydraulic Valves & Pumps)
  • Military Vehicles (Tracks, Wheels, Brakes & Frames)   
  • Aviation (Rotor Components & Cooling Systems)
  • Continuous Track
  • High Tensile Bolts
  • Brake Discs
  • Protective Frames

Services Offered

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Do you offer R&D?

Yes, we regularly work with our customers on R&D projects, offering our expertise and design capabilities.

What are the largest assemblies you can manufacture?

We can manufacture assemblies up to 2T in weight and 4m in length.

Do you perform field repairs?

No, we do not currently offer field repairs. However, we regularly visit our customers’ facilities/sites to ascertain their requirements. We are then able to manufacture any parts or components that are required.

What materials can Washington Components work with for defence projects?

We work with a range of materials; stainless steels (Inconel to 315L)  structural mild steels, aluminium and plastics.

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