Renewable Energy

Energy from renewable sources is essential if growing global energy needs are to be met, whilst minimising carbon emissions from alternative energy sources.

The renewable energy sector is rapidly growing, and this combined with other global initiatives will help to deal with the challenges of climate change. The most developed sources of renewable energy come from Wind Energy, Solar Power, Tidal Power, Hydro Power, Geothermal Energy, Biofuels and Hydrogen Energy.

Here at Washington Components, we work with our customers to deliver best-in-class engineering solutions, structural coded welding assemblies, and CNC machined components that play critical roles in the successful delivery of renewable energy projects. 

Our Renewable Energy Services

Wind Energy

Supplying hardware and welded assemblies for use in the production of wind energy is core to our business. We supply hardware to numerous offshore wind farms including Hywind, Sofia and Windfloat.

Hydrogen Energy

We supply critical hardware to be used in Hydrogen Energy systems. These include coded welded assemblies for use in Hydrogen Stations (fuel stations for hydrogen mobility).

Solar Energy

We supply machine parts and welded sub-assemblies for use in UK based R&D projects. 

Geothermal Energy

We supply hardware that allows onshore drilling companies to tap into the thermal energy in the earth’s crust.

Services Offered

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Case Studies

Hywind Tempen


Hywind Tampen is a floating wind farm in the Norwegian North Sea. When installed it was the world’s largest floating wind farm with a capacity of 88MW.

‘Hywind Tampen will be a test bed for further development of floating wind, exploring the use of new and larger turbines, installation methods, simplified moorings, concrete substructures and integration between gas and wind power generation systems.’ Equinor.

JDR Cable Systems Ltd provided the subsea power cables, umbilical systems and hardware to the Hywind Tampen project. JDR Cable Services Ltd approached Washington Components with a challenge to supply 24 No. sheave sleeve assemblies.

The challenge was to source raw material (316L), manufacture and offer full project management at all stages of the manufacturing process.

The Solution

We used our expertise and quickly moved to secure a stock of raw materials (reducing lead and price for our customers). We then utilised our modern CNC Turning and CNC Milling machine tools to effectively manufacture all parts. This allowed our Coded Welding team to complete all welding activities on time and within budget. 

The Hywind Tampen was the first of its kind and this resulted in many design improvements and lead time critical updates to operational requirements. As a business we are proactive and flexible; these qualities were required for this contract. We delivered the contract on time, in-budget, whilst working with our customer every step of the way; this ultimately contributed to the Hywind Tampen contract being successfully installed in the field. 


Do Washington Components use renewable energy?

Yes, we use 100% renewable electricity and renewable green gas. We have onsite solar panels and all our lighting is low energy LED.

What are the largest assemblies you can manufacture?

We can manufacture assemblies up to 2T in weight and 4m in length.

Can you source material for a large batch contract?

Yes, we regularly source large volume orders from our material suppliers, including direct supply from EU Mills (our largest project to date has been 85T of material procurement).

Do you offer CAD/CAM services?

Yes, we utilise Fusion 360 to optimise production. We can also design and update any parts/assemblies you may require.

Do you offer onsite/field instals?

We do not currently offer site/field instals.

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