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Whether you are looking for 2D drafting or 3D visualisation, Washington Components will provide you with a first-class CAD design service. From a computer-aided design process that provides pinpoint accuracy and efficiency, to excellent communication and coordination with our design team, our services deliver tailored solutions that provide you with a top-quality end product that meets your specifications exactly.

What is Computer-Aided-Design (CAD)?

CAD software and tools enable us to create 2D drawings and 3D models of your products before they’re manufactured to help you review, modify, and adapt your design process fast so that your product can get to market quickly. CAD design works hand-in-hand with the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) process to create innovative new products in a short period of time.
CAM can adapt to new designs and engineering drawings quickly using software and computer-controlled machinery to automate the manufacturing process and bring the product design to life.

Fusion 360 3D CAD/CAM Design Services That Meet Your Exact Design Specifications

Our CAD services provide first-class designs using the latest technology to help you turn your innovative ideas into high-quality products. We provide efficient, cost-effective, and flexible services that meet your exact design specifications using the latest CAD design tools and software. Some of the products we use include: Fusion 360 CAD design. This enables us to carry out research and development, rapid prototyping to bring your design to life quickly, product development, and design for manufacture.

  • Fusion 360 CAM. By using a computer-controlled manufacturing process, we can increase performance and optimise cutting paths that give us reduced cycle times and allows us to offer more competitive pricing.
  • Drawings. We create and constantly improve our technical drawings that enhance the conceptual design to meet your project requirements.
  • Consulting. We make sure all aspects of the CAD design services we provide are fit for purpose, keeping our clients involved in aspects of a project to ensure it meets your specifications which helps to keep waste to a minimum during the manufacturing process, saving time and money.

The CAD software is used to create designs that are tailored to your needs with material specifications being customised to fit the requirements of the design, however intricate that may be.

What Are CAD/CAM Designs Used For?

CAD software is used to design and then manufacture innovative products and bring them to the market quickly. It is used in a range of industries such as dentistry where it has transformed the way restorative dental procedures take place by providing a 3D representation of a patient’s teeth. The agility of the technology allows the creation of crowns, prostheses, and veneers for dental implants with the highest precision which saves time as well as saving patients from experiencing discomfort while having their teeth measured or a basic mould created of them.

What Are The Benefits Of CAD Design?

There are many benefits of using computer-aided design in manufacturing processes. Some of these include:

  • Saves time and enables a product to get to market quickly.
  • Creates an accurate and efficient design process.
  • Flexibility within the design process so that modifications can be made quickly.
  • Enables good communication with the design team so that changes can be implemented quickly.
  • High-quality final product.
  • Industry-standard file formats making it easy to send and receive designs and share them with different teams.

Essentially, computer-aided design enables innovative new products and projects to be created quickly, flexibly, and to a high quality in a range of industries from architecture to fashion, interior design, and furniture building.

Washington Components provides first-class CAD design and manufacturing services. Our expert team of designers and engineers will guide you through the process to deliver your project on time and budget.

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