Power Transmission

Power transmission is a critical infrastructure. The successful installation, maintenance and repair of these systems are essential for the economy.

Power transmission can take many forms and we specialise in the supply of essential power transmission components manufactured from aluminium, titanium and copper. These parts are used within high-voltage systems, where dimensional tolerances and surface finishing are critical.

Our CAD/CAM capabilities linked to our modern CNC machines allows us to machine complicated profiles which are often required for the successful transfer of high-voltage electricity.

Our Power Transmission Services

Welded Assemblies

We manufacture complex assemblies which are used within safety critical equipment found within power substations. We can offer heat treatment to relieve stresses and ensure fabrication can meet the tolerances demanded in the power transmission sector.

Electrical Contacts

We supply complex machined parts and power transmission components used to transfer high-voltage electricity. We have extensive experience in CNC machining materials including aluminium, copper, and brass.

Pressure Control

Many high-voltage applications (gas-insulated switchgear) require the use of pressurised gas systems. We can supply pressure and NDT-tested power transmission components for this application. 

Products We Make For The Power Transmission Sector

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (Plates, Covers & Connectors)
  • Circuit Breaker (Handles, Shafts & Electrical Contact Blocks) 
  • HV/MV transformers (Connectors, Isolator Shafts, Rods & Pins)
  • High Voltage Ferrules
  • GIS Covers
  • Rods
  • Switch-gear Components
  • Operating Shafts
  • Insulating Cleats
  • Stepdown Adaptors

Services Offered

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Case Studies

Critical Breakdown


A customer approached Washington Components with the need to manufacture several parts, required for the repair of a critical electrical system. The challenge was to source materials, manufacture and deliver as soon as possible, to minimise disruption to the electrical system in question. 

The Solution

Washington Components was able to draw raw material from stock and start CNC machining within hours. Round-the-clock production was enabled and all parts were fully machined and ready for delivery within 48 hours. Our ability to be flexible and react to customer demands is one of our key strengths.


Do you perform field repairs?

We do not currently offer field repairs. However, we regularly visit our customers’ facilities/sites to ascertain their requirements. We are then able to manufacture any parts or components that are required.

Can you offer heat and surface treatment?

We work with our key suppliers to offer these services.

Do you offer R&D

Yes, we regularly work with our customers on R&D projects, offering our expertise and design capabilities.

What are the largest assemblies you can manufacture?

We can manufacture assemblies up to 2T in weight and 4m in length.

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