Medical And Scientific

Building a medical infrastructure that is future-proof, improves healthcare, and supports community well-being is vital to improving the nation’s health

The National Health Service (NHS) is the world’s largest integrated health system. Great infrastructure is the foundation of efficient healthcare so building one that will last is key. Outdated and poor-quality equipment can lead to inefficiencies and result in an infrastructure that doesn’t adapt to new developments. 

At Washington Components we bring over 40 years of expertise to the table to manufacture medical-grade components to the extremely high standards needed to support this sector. We use our CNC machining expertise to create quality that will last.

Our Medical & Scientific Services

Our expert CNC machining services are used to create innovative and customisable components and parts for the medical and scientific sectors.

Precision Engineering

The integration of precision technology has revolutionised healthcare by allowing more accurate interventions. We manufacture precision-engineered parts and components for diagnostic tools and sensors that ensure pinpoint accuracy of the completed machine.

Medical Machines & Devices

We manufacture components for complex equipment and high-quality instruments to the exact specifications within the medical and scientific sectors. We can create the required often small and precise parts on a large scale with our CNC machining services.

Testing and Inspection (NDT)

Creating components and parts that are of the highest quality is imperative in the medical sector. We have the project management knowledge to ensure the correct NDT process is used to comply with your project specifications.

Services Offered

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Can you source material for a large batch contract?

Yes, we can. We regularly source large volumes of specialist materials from our approved material suppliers.

Do you offer onsite/field installations?

No, we don’t currently offer these.

How Can CNC Machining Be Used in the Medical Sector?

CNC machining which includes CNC turning & milling services, can be used to rapidly create precision parts for a range of medical devices, machines and equipment.

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