Project Management Services

Experienced and pro-active

Conform to specifications. Add value. Reduce delays.

Our experienced contracts team can manage all aspects of your project.

This can include the supply of inspection test plans (ITP), traceable manufacturing record books (MRB), witnessed inspections, trial fits and bespoke packaging. We are pro-active and will work with you to ensure that there are no unwanted documentation submittal or approval delays.

Our knowledge of the subcontract industry allows us access to many suppliers. This means we can provide reliable sourcing and purchasing services that guarantees price competitiveness. We can supply you a complete package ready to ship.

We can manage your machining, fabrication and subcontract painting and coating requests, and can supply an Inspection & Test plan (ITP) to enable you to witness any of the activities on your project.
We can supply material certification to 3.1/3.2 with extra mechanical testing if required, and all items are traceable through our ERP system, and held on file for 10 years.

We supply MRB to customers bespoke requirements. A standard MRB consists of a certificate of conformity, material certification with matrix and dimensional reports. Our fully comprehensive MRB includes all required information from each manufacturing activity, weld maps with full welding book, approved and signed ITP and subcontract procedures and coating documents. All documents and manufacturing record books are issued to the customers for approval, with any changes and amendments incorporated.

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