Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas sector has been the driving force behind global development in the 21st Century.

Petroleum products are essential for the global economy, providing energy that powers transportation, heating, and electricity. Additionally, petroleum products are required in many essential daily products such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, and fertilisers. 

Here at Washington Components, we specialise in the delivery of subsea hardware, welded assemblies and high-pressure fittings to be used offshore in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.  We have extensive experience with Petroleum material specifications, coded welding, and surface finishing specifications (NORSOK Systems).

Our Oil & Gas Services

Welded Assemblies

We manufacture complex assemblies which are used subsea to connect oil and gas assets. Offshore quality, manufacturing and traceability requirements are demanding; our team has the experience and expertise to deliver a best-class service for your next project.

Hydraulic Fittings

We supply complex machined parts which are required to transfer high-pressure fluids (20k psi). We have extensive experience in CNC machining exotic materials including Inconel, Titanium, Super-Duplex and Nitronic.

Valves & Pressure Controls

We manufacture complex valves with high tolerances through our CNC machining (CNC turning and CNC milling) services. We offer full inspection, assembly, and packaging (ISPM-15 crates) for worldwide shipping.

Exotic Welding

Many offshore applications require the use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials. Our welders are qualified in welding procedures to weld different materials including Inconel, Super-Duplex, Duplex and 316L.

Products We Make For The Oil & Gas Sector:


  • Subsea Umbilical’s (Structural Hardware machined parts & welded assemblies)
  • Topside Structures (Termination activities)
  • Drilling (Drill collars, pup joints, Cross-overs, Couplings, Housings)    
  • Subsea Umbilical Termination Units (SUTU)
  • Flying Leads
  • Abandonment Clamps
  • Repair Joints
  • Transition Joints
  • Armour Bodies
  • Hang-Offs
  • Pulling Heads
  • Stab-Plates
  • Fasteners
  • High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings
  • Drill Collars
  • Crossovers

Services Offered

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Case Studies

Hasbah Gas Field 


The Hasbah gas field lies in water depths up to 65m in the Arabian Gulf, approximately 150km north-east of Jubail, Saudi Arabia. TechnipFMC approached Washington Components with the challenge to supply critical hardware, including steel Vertebrae, PIHO and Repair Joints, on an expedited lead. This would require the sourcing, purchasing, and handling of significant volumes of raw material (S355J2+N), all of which had to comply with the end users’ detailed requirements. All parts would need to be fully manufactured and delivered ready for field installation.  

The Solution

Washington Components sourced over 85T of made-to-order steel direct from EU Mills, CNC machined all parts, coded welded & fabricated all assemblies, and managed all parts of the contract. The hardware was successfully tested, painted, assembled, and delivered to the customer on time and on budget.


What are the largest assemblies you can manufacture?

We can manufacture assemblies up to 2T in weight and 4m in length.

Can you source material for a large batch contract?

Yes, we regularly source large volume orders from our material suppliers, including direct supply from EU Mills (our largest project to date has been 85T of material procurement).

Do you offer CAD/CAM services?

Yes, we utilise Fusion 360 to optimise production. We can also design and update any parts or assemblies you may require.

Do you offer onsite/field instals?

We do not currently offer site/field instals.

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